CommTech Solutions, LLC (USA), was founded and established in 2002 in the USA and a Malaysia branch office operating as CommTech Innovative Group Sdn Bhd was opened in 2012.

As Founder and Group CEO, Chris Randolph brings a wealth of experience in business, entrepreneurship, sales, marketing and leadership.

Under his direction, CommTech has grown from a small business-training provider (Sales Edge International in San Diego) into a Total Solutions Specialist for brand name companies and organizations around the globe and increasing its core of business and services.

Having made a decision to enter into the South East Asia market, CommTech made its SEA base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  1. Sales And Marketing Solutions

  2. Coaching For Businesses and Entrepreneurs

  3. Internet And Social Media Marketing Solutions

  4. Training Workshops And Conferences

  5. YCM Foundation

  6. Entertainment For Events & Dinners

  7. Band & Talent Agency

As a Group in 2 countries with a global client base in our core businesses, CommTech has expanded and diversified its functions in a variety of areas and niches. The divisions in the Group are as follows;