About Young Citizens of Malaysia (YCM)

Young Citizens of Malaysia (YCM) creates a lasting mind shift & paradigm adjustment in communities in need, ensuring sustainability & long-term positive results that affects all citizens of Malaysia, regardless of race, language or culture.


The primary objective of the YCM is to establish a Social Breakthrough foundation that provides communities in need with talented, skilled, determined and dedicated individuals in order to break the status quo by initiating, creating and implementing innovative, purposeful and sustainable initiatives for progressive and improved change for all communities in Malaysia.

Our Mission

To enroll these teenagers, youth and young adults as Members of the Young Citizens of Malaysia and encourage them to take on social responsibilities, be aware of underprivileged communities and assist in finding and implementing solutions to these challenges.


YCM Members will be encouraged to think differently with regard to the engagement process in these initiatives. As facilitators, YCM Members will be looked on as pillars of the community and influence the community to reach out and take a stand for humanity.

YCM as a Social Breakthrough foundation, together with the YCM Members strives to position YCM as the top-of-mind organization producing measurable results towards effective community development.

YCM will also create a nationwide network that is able to reach out to communities and provide critical support in the deployment of progressive community initiatives.