Ensure The Profitability & Sustainability Of Your Non-Profit, NGO, Yayasan or Foundation

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Bring Your Organization Into The Modern Era Of Communication, Advancement & Sustainability

Difficulty in fundraising?

Challenges in getting advocates & volunteers?

Behind the times in Social Media & Technology?

Need more confidence in presenting?


Advanced Approach & Overcome Your Most Pressing & Challenging Problems

Get Armed & Equipped With Tools, Skills & Information

(usually only available to medium & large companies)

NGO Workshop Conference 2017

Information, Guidance, Practical Strategies To Enhance Effectiveness In Overall Management Of Your Organization

Vital Topics Covered:

  • Digital Strategy & Technology Innovation

  • Social Media Awareness & Engagement

  • Efficient & Effective Hypnotic Communication Skills & Techniques

  • Overcoming Adversities & Challenges

  • Build Instant Trust & Deep Rapport with Advocates, Stakeholders, Sponsors, Donors, Superiors, Peers, Subordinates, Volunteers

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Workshop Details:

With quality information, impactful skills, interesting techniques & enjoyable format, the NGO Workshop Conference will deliver VALUE and advance the purpose & mission of your organization.

With vital & relevant topics, it will leave you with cutting edge strategies, guiding techniques and practical skills you can immediately:

  • Create, generate & enhance social media awareness & engagement
  • Attract more advocates, supporters & stakeholders for market-driven philanthropy.
  • Present confidently, persuasively and effectively
  • Communicate your point across to different levels of engagement

You’ll be armed with tools to bring your organization to the forefront and rise above the noise to be heard.

Register Now To Attend This One-Of-A-Kind Powerful Program To Implement Latest Technologies, Cutting Edge Techniques & Effective Strategies:

The Royale Bintang Hotel Damansara @ The Curve

27th July 2017 – 9:00am – 5:30pm

Workbook Provided

Executive Lunch

2 x Coffee Break with Snack (morning & afternoon)

Over 20+ years, as a published Author, Sales & Marketing Specialist, Chris Randolph has applied himself to the study & practice of professional selling, management /leadership skills, negotiation techniques, presentation skills, life purpose, goal  identification, script writing  & marketing.  Through the practical applications of these techniques in every-day selling, Chris is highly skilled in transferring the techniques he has mastered in his various programs.

As the Group CEO of CommTech Innovative Group S/B &  Exec Director of Young Citizens MalaysIa, he will share, in a caring yet firm no-nonsense approach, his powerful information, Chris is able to help his clients transform themselves with a clear sense of purpose. You will find yourself exposed to powerful strategies that will transform your skill level in all areas of financials, profession and life.

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