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Sales Edge™ Seminar

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The Sales Edge™ Seminar training consists of unique modules designed to focus on areas that are important to the sales success of Coaches, Speakers & Trainers. This powerful and effective system was created, refined and updated over the last 20 years to reinforce selling & marketing competencies and address performance gaps while giving participants the ability to apply what has been learned to their own work environment and drive sales up. 

Most sales training programs lack practical application. In theory they are good, but students struggle with applying what they learned in the classroom to the field. And so they give up. 

Our philosophy and mission is to help the average-producing professional and transform their average results to evolve into Sales Superstars.

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Come to our World-Class Highly Specialized Intensive and Effective learning workshop for Coaching, Speaking & Training Professionals of all skills and position levels and let us show exactly HOW you can:

  • Fix 3 Mistakes To Propel Growth In Your Coaching, Speaking & Training Career
  • Where To Find Your Ideal Clients & Create A Tidal Wave Of New Clients
  • Skyrocket Signup & Closing Rates – Even if you can’t sell, don’t know how to sell!
  • How To Keep Coaching Clients With You Longer
  • Make A Deep Connection With Clients & Get A Flood Of Referrals
  • Transform Yourself To Become Magnetically Attractive To Clients
  • Creating, Nurturing & Profiting From Your Email List
  • Overcome All The Objections You Hear From Prospects
  • Give A Kick-Ass Presentation For Your Training or Speaking Pitch
  • How To Deliver A Powerful 1st Coaching Session
  • How To Charge DOUBLE, TRIPLE & Even QUADRUPLE Right Now!
  • Sell Effectively, Achieve Higher Sales Results & Increase Client Conversions
  • ULTIMATELY – Transform the average person into a Sales Superstar! 
There are several options for attendance… To get the full details, module topics, program details, special pricing and attendance options, go ahed and fill in the boxes at the right side of this page and we’ll email it to you right away.
Date:           5th July 2017
Location:    The Royale Bintang Damansara (The Curve)
Make the RIGHT decision to get the vital information for The Sales Edge Seminar™ and you’ll find out how powerful, effective and imperative this course will be for adding the sales volume that you and your company deserves.  
Stop losing sales, losing revenue and losing profits.
What if there was a way that could train you, or your sales team and transform in Sales Superstars?
Unlike the majority of seminars and workshops that you may have heard of or maybe even experienced, we offer a rock-solid performance guarantee.  Want to find our more about our guarantee?  Then go ahead and fill in the boxes at the top right of this page and we’ll send you all the details right away.
The Sales Edge™ Seminar will teach you TRIEDTESTED & PROVEN techniques, tools and strategies used by the world’s top Sales Superstars and normal everyday businesses are producing EXTRA-ORDINARY results and revenues.
If doesn’t matter if you sell tangible or intangible products, or a consumer or business service.  If you sell and market to consumers and businesses, YOU SIMPLY MUST ATTEND this powerful and effective training program.
Be prepared to leave the workshop armed with concrete steps, tips, strategies and access to a VITAL & IMPORTANT tool that will make a clear difference in your revenue and profits.

Who Should Attend

  • All Coaches 
  • All Speakers  
  • All Trainers
  • Any Coach, Speaker & Trainer That Wants More Clients, Increase Client Conversions & Get Well Paid For Their Services
  • Anyone That Wants To Earn A Comfortable Living As A Coach, Speaker or Trainer
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